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Think before you sink

Protect your business from FOG

Your business is increasingly at risk of pipe blockages and sewage spills on or around your premises. As the pressure on the sewage system continues to grow, more and more food service establishments are being directly impacted.

Safeguarding your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard. Our free training provides you with the knowledge and skills to simplify FOG management.

Book your free kitchen review and receive best practice advice from the experts in FOG management.

Pipe with FOG

The FOG threat

Did you know that around 40% of all blockages in sewers in Yorkshire are caused by people putting the wrong things down their drains?

Many food service establishments feed fatbergs by failing to install an adequate grease trap or employ best practices for FOG management. Poor FOG management leads to grease and oil being washed off saucepans, plates and cooking utensils and entering your pipes and drains. Once hard it will block your sewers causing bad odours and harming your reputation.

Following a simple FOG management plan and maintaining a grease trap will protect your business from FOG and the threat of fines.

Protect your business

1. Book a visit

Schedule your free onsite FOG review. Ensure you are fully protected with our free training and advice.

2. Receive your report​

Upon completion of your review our team will create a specialised report with all of the information you need to ensure you are protected from FOG.

3. Stay FOG secure

We will keep you informed of all the latest updates in FOG regulation as it relates to your specific establishment.

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Keeping Yorkshire

Yorkshire is increasingly at risk due to the sheer volume of FOG that is entering the sewer system. Blockages are affecting daily life in towns throughout the community along with the surrounding environment.

As part of our campaign to keep our towns fatberg free, Yorkshire Water has partnered with SwiftComply to provide food service entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to protect your business and community.

“As a flood risk officer, I see first-hand what problems fat, oil, and grease create on our sewer network system. We’re pleased to support this campaign with Yorkshire Water. Anything we can do to highlight the problems this causes, including fatbergs or other environmental damage, is a positive step.”

Steve Wragg

Flood Risk Manager

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