Driving a sector-wide change in
FOG management

SwiftComply provides a long-term framework that fully supports the customer, water industry and FOG waste recovery market. Our solutions incorporate a whole lifecycle approach, from FOG capture at source, through to biodiesel refinery.


50 million

people protected



city clients across the world



food business customers

  • Self-managing, sustainable FOG programmes
  • Personalised customer experience
  • Supply chain integration
  • Data insights and management

Addressing the FOG problem at scale

Partnering with water companies

We help water companies develop smart, digital programmes that automate processes, and collect behavioural data and insights on how the FSEs are handling their FOG waste.

This valuable information allows the utilities to assign people resources more efficiently and build targeted clean-up strategies.

Working with the supply chain

SwiftComply connects grease contractors with customers within their communities that are ready to invest in FOG management solutions.

Our online directory and marketplace allows FSEs to find local, trusted and vetted suppliers, to secure the services they need to stay compliant and protect our environment.

Engaging food businesses

FSEs receive education that incentivises a proactive, long-lasting attitude towards FOG management.

They also gain access to free online tools that enable them to connect with and book vetted, local and best-value service providers, and to easily demonstrate compliance during interactions with water companies.

Supporting the FOG2Fuel circular economy

Creating a framework that stimulates FSEs to capture FOG at the source enables a local circular economy around a resource that’s largely unutilised in the UK.

With over 250,000 tonnes of FOG being discharged to the sewers every year, we could prevent one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions if converted to biodiesel.

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