Customer engagement

Get closer to

your customers

Combining advanced automation and intelligent data analytics to help understand your customers in the foodservice sector. Ensuring they are informed, engaged and delivering best practice in FOG management.

The Challenge

Growing urban populations and denser concentrations of food outlets, along with legacy sewer networks, are all contributing to FOG build-up in the network. The problem would be solved if every food service establishment (FSE) installed a correctly-sized, well-maintained grease trap.

By combining digital analysis and face-to-face education and engagement, SwiftComply programmes collate data to better understand how the food business community is managing its FOG. We engage both digitally and physically with FSE owners, managers and staff to assess and improve onsite grease management practices.

How it works

Visualise and monitor FOG management

Visualise and monitor FOG management in thousands of food businesses across multiple neighbourhoods from one centralised platform in the cloud. Assess customer participation, predict behaviour and create digital experiences that inspire action.

Quickly scale your engagement

Send targeted messages to onboard and activate your food service customers. Monitor customer actions and automate communications to deliver timely and personalised updates, keeping users engaged and informed.

Empower your team

Give your team remote access to real-time reports and dashboards that help refine the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and drive best practice throughout your network. 

Working with us

Our goal is to address the specific challenges on FOG and help you achieve business goals. Regardless of resources, complexity of operations or timescales to adapt, our multifaceted approach can identify routes to an effective and long-term strategy.

Do more with less

Automate repetitive tasks, access real-time reports and collaborate with your customers for more proactive FOG management.