SwiftComply platform

Flexible. Scalable. Visible.

Our cloud-based platform collates data on the location and point-of-contact for each food establishment. Our specialist Environmental Engagement teams work directly with local food business owners to get more actionable data insights.  

Get deeper customer insights

Onsite visits and FOG risk audits are carried out to identify whether businesses have grease traps installed, whether they are correctly sized and fitted, how they are maintained and where grease is disposed to. Educational materials promoting best practice kitchen grease management are provided.

Robust decision-making

Data builds up valuable resources for water utilities and managers to tap into, facilitating robust decision-making when it comes to investment and strategy of long-term FOG management.

Collaborate seamlessly

We work closely with water companies and facilities managers to develop relationships between all stakeholders, in-house and in the wider community. As well as the food service establishments, this FOG management ecosystem may include local authorities and regulatory bodies.