Our story: creating SwiftComply

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The SwiftComply story begins in Dublin in 2016, though our roots stretch back to 2008 when CEO Michael O’Dwyer was working with Dublin City Council as wastewater engineer and assigned project leader of what would be Europe’s first FOG programme. Little did he know the project would put Dublin on the map as pioneers in the fight against fatbergs, years before the rise of London’s legendary Fatty McFatberg!

The programme was the first of its kind in Dublin and was designed to solve Dublin’s growing problems with excessive build-up of FOG. After years of witnessing the number and frequency of FOG-related blockages soar in Dublin, the city council decided it was time to adopt a proactive solution for the problem.

Succeeding in Ireland and thinking ahead

Mick O'DwyerThinking prevention-over-cure, the project in Dublin was very successful. Up until 2008, only 14% of FSEs operating in the Irish capital had adequate equipment to prevent FOG from reaching the sewers. By 2014, this number had increased to over 80% and Dublin is now considered an example to follow when it comes to the fight against the fatbergs. 

Even after establishing the most effective FOG program in Europe and achieving a staggering 95% fatberg reduction in Dublin, Mick knew the industry still had problems. So he set about creating a tool that would revolutionise how wastewater authorities around the globe collaborate with the food service industry to solve this problem.

“As Dublin’s FOG program manager I experienced first-hand how manual, inefficient and challenging it is to effectively regulate a large amount of food service establishments in a city. I believed there was a better way – this is why we created SwiftComply.”

Launching SwiftComply

In 2016, SwiftComply – a digital approach to FOG management – was born. 

Wastewater authorities could now monitor FSEs compliance in a given area, whilst FSEs found a virtual place to safely store information related to the disposing of fats, oils and grease, eliminating paper-based documentation. 

Since launching SwiftComply, we are now helping almost 500 customers across the world.

“We are proud to help our customers achieve their important mission of protecting human health and the environment with our modern technology. It’s been an exciting journey so far and we look forward to helping many more customers in the future.”

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