‘Closing the Loop’: SwiftComply at Wet Networks in London

Wet Networks in London
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“We might not have water” soon if we — both as an industry and as individuals — don’t do something right now. This powerful message was delivered by Arup’s Circular Water Economy Lead Siraj Tahir at the latest Wet Networks event, and it shows the seriousness around the discussions happening in London last Thursday.

Themed “Closing the Loop for Circular Water Economy,” the event served as a platform for the sharing of interesting technologies and innovations capable of tackling some of the most pressing issues affecting the water industry.

Invited as a presenting company, SwiftComply talked about why retaining FOG at source can make a hugely positive impact on the environment.

Our UK Director, Laura Su, explained that letting fats, oils and grease sit in the sewers creates an enormous burden to the cities due to blockages and fatbergs. To fix that, water companies and food businesses need to organise the collection of these residues — to later be turned into biodiesel, creating a more circular economy.

Mark Lane, industry consultant that has been chairing Water Networks events for years, considered this a “fascinating subject” that deserves more discussion.

For Siraj Tahir, “the utilities are on board” with technologies such as SwiftComply’s, but he stressed that “regulators will have to be more innovative and flexible” if they want to help: “Anywhere with clear regulations will bring innovative ideas.”

The event also had presentations from Cascade Water Products Ltd., Carbogenics, Indus, and the London Fountain Company.

Thanks to the team at Wet Networks for organising this great platform for new and innovative companies to showcase our solutions. From a technology point of view, we hope our solution helps drive collaboration between stakeholders and ultimately creating a market for FOG to fuel and other circular activities in the UK.

Laura Su, Director, SwiftComply UK

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