A sweet help for people at risk of flooding

SwiftComply Bake Sale to help against flooding

Every year, flooding affects an alarming number of people in the United Kingdom. According to the National Flood Forum, one in six homes are at serious risk – meaning 5.2 million households could face unexpected challenges soon.

With the winter rainfalls amongst the multiple different causes for flooding, things might be about to get bad again for those at risk. That’s what motivated our Environmental Engagement Assistant Lucy Toolan to roll up her sleeves and offer some help: “After moving to York eight months ago, witnessing the effects of seasonal flooding made me sympathise with those that are affected by the problems that it brings.”

“I began looking for charities that supported those in need and came across the National Flood Forum,” she says. “We decided a bake sale would be the best way to raise money as who doesn’t love a sweet treat.”

The bake sale happened at the SwiftComply office in York. Our team prepared treats like a vegan chocolate cake, reindeer cupcakes, biscoff rocky road, malteser slices, brownies and Christmas cookies.

Doing your part

Established in 2002, the National Flood Forum attend to individuals and communities on three fronts. They help people to recover after they have been flooded, support communities so they feel empowered to manage their risks, and represent them to authorities and the government.

“When flooding happens it devastates people’s lives. Whether it’s the destruction it causes to their homes, damage to belongings, loss of treasured possessions, or the detrimental effect on businesses and livelihoods, the impact of a flood is far-reaching,” the charity explains.

If you would like to help, head to the National Flood Forum’s website and see how to get involved. Donations can be as little as £3 but you can also become a volunteer or fundraiser as Lucy did. “Hopefully we can make a little difference for those in need when flooding hits in their area,” she adds.

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